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Shipping and Return Policy

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We do everything in our power to ensure that your shopping experience is as positive and productive as possible, and we take pride in providing this service to the best of our abilities. Let our outstanding customer service team help you from start to finish. Each of our partnering manufacturers have their own policy and lightingemporiumandmore.com will adhere to those policies: We are here to help!

  • Planning & Decision Making
  • Easy & Confident Purchasing
  • First-Class “After The Sale” Service


Safe & Secure Shopping Guarantee

Our goal is to ensure that every online purchase goes smoothly and surprise-free. We have over ten years of online experience, and we've honed our checkout process to be straightforward and understandable. Our one-page checkout service is easy, safe and thoroughly tested!

Item Info and Pricing:

lightingemporiumandmore.com reserves the right to change item pricing or information at any time. As a result, prices on our website may not be accurate. If an item is ordered off of the internet before we have updated our prices, the purchaser will be notified and given the option to cancel or pay the difference. If the price of an item is lowered after a purchase is made, lightingemporiumandmore.com is unable to refund the difference to the customer.

In some instances, we may show a picture that does not exactly match the product but helps illustrate what it will look like. Please check the product information and specs before you purchase.

* Discounts & Coupon Codes:
Please note that a coupon code may not work for all brands. Some of our products are already set to the minimum price the manufacturer will allow us to advertise.


Blaze Grills & products of Blaze Outdoor:

We know how much customers hate shipping charges. To ease your frustration, lightingemporiumandmore.com has a shipping policy that is both affordable and transparent.  Our return policies seek to make the return process quick and seamless.

  • Free Shipping on orders over $495
  • $12.95 minimum Flat-Rate shipping
  • Restocking Fees on opened BUT unused products of 25%-50% (freight charges may apply) based on time of possession: 1-30 days @ 25% OVER 30 days @ 50% (additional freight charges will apply). Non opened items may be returned for a charge of the freights costs in both directions (sent to you & returned to lightingemporiumandmore.com).
  • Shared Shopping Cart
  • Products we stock are shipped from our warehouse in less than 3 business days and arrive in 1 to 9 business days. Drop-shipped product is shipped within 4-10 business days if in stock at the distributors warehouse.

Cummins/Onan: Shipped to one destination at FREE, unless pulled from warehouses outside of MN. The Cummins/Onan line is a non-returnable product for all items. They do offer a warranty repair service and after the warranty we will help you find a service center near you that will come to the unit.

All Lighting or Fan Fixtures, and Home Docorating items needing return or repair must be returned to the manufacturer and not to lightingemporiumandmore.com

Cabinets & Counters repairs or questions must handled through the respective local fabricator and installer 

Iron Doors - All repairs or returns must be handled through the manufacturer/distributor located in TN.